The fan experience: What to expect this season with the South Bend Cubs

SOUTH BEND, Ind.,--Opening day is only one month away at Four Winds Field.

On April 8, the South Bend Cubs will battle it out against the Quad City River Bandits.

South Bend Cubs’ President, Joe Hart, says that the VIP packages for opening day went on sale yesterday, and sold so quickly that they had to open a new section.

While those packages may be sold out, single-game ticket sales start this week.

The 2022 season will consist of 66 home games at four winds field.  Single-game tickets go on sale Wednesday, March 9 at noon.

Tickets can be purchased online, by phone or in-person. And those who come down to the ballpark get a little extra baseball-themed lunch: hotdog, chips and a soft drink.

This season may feel like you’re going back in time to 2019—a time without COVID restrictions.

Last season, the Cubs started with a capacity of fifty percent. This year, opening day will have much fewer openings in the stands, as the ballpark will operate at 100 percent capacity.

Theme nights and fireworks are scheduled throughout the season as well. Hart says fans are excited to get back out and enjoy the fun experience Cubs games have to offer.

“People are excited to get back to baseball, especially without any restrictions. Obviously, we know about baseball MLB in their walk out which doesn’t impact us, so we’re going to be the only game in town from April 8,” said Hart.

As Major League Baseball continues to strike out on agreements, its lockout is causing a delay of game, pushing opening day further back. The South Bend Cubs are unaffected by this dispute, however, and are gearing up for the prospect of new fans.

It’s uncertain when major league teams will step back up to the plate, but we know exactly when the Cubs will play again.

With the MLB lockout, should fans expect to see more folks in attendance?

If so, the South Bend Cubs are prepared.

Hart says that he expects to see more fans due to the lockout. And Four Winds Field can fit them in. This season, at full capacity, four winds field can fit the extra guests.

Hart says that the Cubs are working on creating hotel packages to encourage visitors.

For Chicago Cubs fans, it’s a great opportunity to check out up-and-coming players while they wait out the lockout.

"It's a shame that Major League Baseball won't be starting on time, but again, if there is a silver lining, it helps us here in South Bend because you can still come and watch the up-and-coming Cubs prospects,” said Hart.

He says that the increase in visitors will be great for the city.

“Come spend the night, enjoy what South Bend has to offer during the day, come out and enjoy South Bend baseball at night,” said Hart.

The season starts on April 8 and continues through Labor Day weekend.

Fans can begin purchasing single-game tickets Wednesday at noon via phone, in-person or online.

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