Reception issues

Cable/satellite users:

Please contact your service provider for assistance if you experience any interruptions in our signal.

Over-the-air antenna users:

There are many things that may affect your reception, like the type of antenna, location of the antenna and your location in relation to our signal.

  1. Do a complete rescan to see what channels are available for viewing in your antenna's current position. Make notes of the antenna position and channels.
  2. Rotate the antenna 90 degrees and then rescan. Make notes of the antenna position and channels.
  3. Repeat step 2 until your antenna is in the original position.
  4. If you find that different positions and scans provide different channels and you want all of them, you may need two antennas, a different antenna, or attempt to find an antenna position in between that will receive them all.

If you are still having difficulty finding our signal, please go to this website to find out if you are within range of our broadcast tower.

  1. Type in your address, city, state and zip code, then click "Map this"
  2. Below the map on the next screen is a list of television stations.
  3. Click the button next to WBND-LD to find out whether your address is within our signal range.
  4. If you have an outdoor antenna, you can enter the height of your antenna just below the map.

If you are within our signal range and you have rescanned your television, but cannot see our signal, please review the notes below in relation to your equipment.

  1. Check to make sure your antenna is still connected to your TV. This includes antenna, cabling, splitters and/or amplifiers.
  2. If your antenna uses an amplifier or requires a power source, verify it is plugged in to a reliable wall outlet and verify the amplifier is working.
  3. If you have an outdoor antenna, make sure the antenna has not been damaged by weather or moved in a different direction due to wind.
  4. If you have added or removed any TVs or tuners to your antenna, that may also affect your signal quality or strength. If additional TVs/tuners have been added, you may need an amplifier or separate antennas for the additional TVs/tuners.
  5. Any time your antenna is moved or adjusted, you must rescan to reprogram available stations.

If you are still having difficulty receiving our signal, please click here to contact us via the online form. Please provide the following information.

  • The type of antenna you are using
  • The antenna's location
  • Your street address