More supply of Pfizer Paxlovid pills expected to come to Michiana

NOW: More supply of Pfizer Paxlovid pills expected to come to Michiana


SOUTH BEND, Ind. ---  As Michiana is continuing to see a limited supply of Covid testing sites and at-home testing kits recently, people are starting to wonder about other forms of protection against the virus, including the new Pfizer Paxlovid oral treatment. Many people are now starting to question when and where they will be able to receive the new medication, since little information has been given out about it yet.

Dr. Mark Fox from the Saint Joseph County Department of Health says that it’s too soon to give an exact timeline for when the medication will be readily available, but supply is on the way.

“The roll-out has been a little slow, but very limited supply,” says Dr. Fox. “Although, the federal government has ordered about ten million doses, so it’ll be a while before those ten million doses are available.”

As far as obtaining the new treatment, Dr. Fox warns that you must have a positive Covid test and a doctor’s prescription. And those that are high-risk should be the first ones in line.

“But if people have symptoms, and particularly if they’re in one of those high-risk groups, they ought to communicate with their doctor and try to get tested,” Dr. Fox advises. “And make sure their doctor’s aware so that if they are positive, they can get that prescription for the medicine because it’s most effective if it’s started within five days of the onset of symptoms.”

Once the tablets are readily available to be prescribed to patients and are given to pharmacies and health systems across Michiana, like with the at-home testing kits, you can’t be sure they’re always going to remain in stock.

“And it certainly isn’t anything that somebody should bank on being available, so still the best protection is to go ahead and get the vaccine or the booster if you’re eligible,” Dr. Fox says.

If you want to stay on top of when Paxlovid pills will be available in your area, you can visit the Covid-19 Therapeutic Locator on that shows where the drug is being given in the country.

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