City of Elkhart passes resolution on driver cards for undocumented immigrants

ELKHART, Ind. -- The Common Council of the City of Elkhart voted 6-2 in favor of supporting legislation to issue driver cards to undocumented immigrants on Monday.

The legislation garnered support from state lawmakers from both sides of the aisle and from law enforcement statewide.

"Elkhart's undocumented residents are active members of our community and they deserve the right to be able to participate fully without fear of a mundane traffic stop," said Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson.  "We are appreciative of our state senators for sponsoring this piece of legislation."

Driver cards give undocumented immigrants the opportunity to drive legally and safely with insurance and adequate driver training.

The City of Elkhart will not be issuing the cards, but they are lending support for the legislation at the statehouse in Indianapolis.

State lawmakers said that the driver cards will not allow for voting or other federal privileges and will only be recognized in Indiana.

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