ABC57 Road Trip: Ride a coaster and cool off at Indiana Beach Amusement and Water Park Resort

ABC57 Road Trip: Ride a coaster and cool off at Indiana Beach Amusement and Water Park Resort

MONTICELLO, Ind., --- ABC57’s Road Trip continues this week at Indiana Beach Amusement & Water Park Resort! The summertime staple that started off as a small beach overcame closure and is now under new ownership. 

“We love it. We’ve gone here once and it’s like, so far, there’s a lot of rides,” said Scarlett Giacalone, who came with her little sister Gabby.

The amusement and water park resort, open for its 97th season, offers a little something for everybody.

“We cater to everyone from one to 99. This is a generational park,” explained Tom Crisci, the Vice President of Marketing and Social Media at the park. “Whether it's a two-year-old that heads over to Kiddie Land and rides one of our key land attractions or if its senior guests or an older guest that that no longer can take the physical rides, but we do have a nice gondola wheel...”

The park also has dozens of one-of-a-kind rides.

“One of the most unique rollercoasters in the entire world is right behind us here. The Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain,” explained Crisci. “The Cornball Express and Steelhog are two of six roller coasters that we presently have here. Those both checked in at the top 20 of Indiana's thrill rides.”

They also feature a beach area with water slides, a lazy river and splash pads, perfect for first timers who aren’t necessarily ready for the rollercoasters.

“I have liked the water bumper car thing in the beginning,” said first time visitors Miah and Zane Boehle.

It’s also perfect for returning guests, like grandma Dawnna Strassenburg, looking to pass down memories to her grandson.

“He loves these rides and what’s so neat is these rides are the same types of rides that we rode when we were little. So to watch him enjoy these rides it’s just so cool, I love the nostalgia here," she said. 

Since undergoing new ownership in 2020, Indiana Beach has made upgrades and is set to open a new rollercoaster this season.

The park also features campgrounds, on-site lodging and special shows for guests.

Those details can be found here.

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