ZB Falcons celebrates last Dyngus Day

NOW: ZB Falcons celebrates last Dyngus Day

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- In South Bend, the Monday after Easter is better known as Dyngus Day.

This year one Polish American club held their last Dyngus Day Feast, after more than a century of Kielbasa, Pierogis, and Polka.

ZB Falcons Nest 80 has roots in South Bend going back to 1896, this year they went out with a bang, before they close their doors at the end of this May.

Folks from all around the country are sure to stop by for one last Polka while enjoying good company, food, and music.

We spoke to the oldest living ZB falcon, Ester Borlick, who reflected more than 90 years of memories at the halls.

At 97 years old, she wanted to hear the music fill the room for one last time, like she remembered as a child.

"We'll right now we got here early, had a very nice lunch. I said to my son, we're going to stay and listen to the music a little bit, I just want to hear it one more time here at ZB hall,” said Borlick.

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