War Report: Michiana man stuck in Ukraine

War Report: Michiana man stuck in Ukraine

Thursday's ABC57 War Report shares the insight of Taras Petro, of Knox, who is assisting Ukrainian women and children escape the war-torn country as Russian forces continue their invasion.

"I have Michigan plates in front and Indiana in the back, so it's a Michiana truck and I am transporting women and children to the border and from the border. I usually do five to six trips a day from morning to night," said Petro.

Originally in Ukraine for work as a translator, Petro is now witnessing war firsthand as he shares that a boarder crossing at Medyka, near Ukraine and Poland, is currently shut down.

"The women and children standing in lines for long hours waiting to board buses or waiting for other buses to come. It is unbelievable and unimaginable," Petro added.

Medyka is one of the main road boarder crossings between Ukraine and Poland along with a major railway line running through the neighboring villages, connecting the two countries.

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