St. Joseph Michigan Public School District working on plan to improve schools

NOW: St. Joseph Michigan Public School District working on plan to improve schools

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- St. Joseph Public Schools in Michigan are implementing a new strategic plan in the district that could potentially be utilized for the next five years.

The Blueprint for Educational Achievement and Results, also know as the B.E.A.R Process is a data-driven 5-year strategic plan that outlines short-term, long term, and ongoing goals for the district with the process being repeated every five years to ensure that a consistent system of continuous improvement is in place.

The process will begin by collecting data from students, parents, community members, leaders, and staff through several focus groups and surveys, where that information will then be analyzed and then prioritized into educational goals in the district.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to really engage with the students, one, that’s a really important piece of this, but also with our staff, our parents and community to really get a sense and understanding of what do we want St. Joe Schools to be and who should they be and what should the priorities be that they focus on, and I love that the plan is really going to be driven by that feedback because we’re here to support the community.” Said Superintendent of Saint Joseph Public Schools, Jenny Fee.

Fee is hopeful in the B.E.A.R Process being utilized in the district for years to come and says the focus group process will begin in mid-October.

Survey windows will be open from early January through late February with the first survey window groups being Parents and Community with Student and Staff following in February.


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