Richard Allen attorneys claim religious cult killed Delphi teens

DELPHI, Ind. - Attorneys for Richard Allen, the man accused of killing Abigail Williams and Liberty German back in 2017, say members of a religious cult killed the two girls in a ritualistic sacrifice, according to a memorandum filed Monday.

According to the attorneys, investigators found evidence of possible Odinism signatures at the crime scene. The cult has reportedly become popular among white supremacists.

Allen’s attorneys claim the girls’ bodies were posted using sticks and tree branches and that the victims’ blood was used to paint an image on a nearby tree. This image, resembling the letter “F,” has occult ties, too.

The defense team argues the murders couldn’t have been one by one person and that the Odinist ties were overall ignored by investigators.

Allen’s attorneys are also challenging investigators’ search on his property.

Finally, his team wants Allen transferred out of the Westville Correctional Facility because members of the Odinist group are on staff there, according to reports.

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