Pulaski County K9 retired after controversy

NOW: Pulaski County K9 retired after controversy

PULASKI, Ind. -- The Pulaski County Sheriff's Department was first on the County Commissioners' agenda recently, officially requesting permission to retire their k9 who recently came under scrutiny for attacking a child.

On May 20 the board of commissioners voting to allow the eight-year-old Loki to live out his days with his handler Sergeant Seth Barton, retired.

Barton, Loki's handler was recently involved in some controversy with his neighbor surrounding that attack.

The victim? A 12-year-old boy who lives across the street from Sgt. Barton.

Department policy involving k9 handler's responsibilities changed as a result of this incident, including keeping them leashed or fenced in when off duty unless training.

But the sheriff's department is saying Loki's retirement is due to his age, not the attack itself.

"I am sad to say he is eight years old. Due to the health and safety of this animal, I am asking that he be retired at this time.... I am going to ask that the commissioners give Loki to Seth. In the past the commissioners have given the dogs to the handlers."

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