Praxis Landmark closes doors amid recent allegations

NOW: Praxis Landmark closes doors amid recent allegations

MISHAWKA, Ind. - The 160-bed facility for men can no longer take new patients and everyone being treated here must be out in less than three weeks.

State health officials ordered Praxis to transfer or discharge all its patients at its facilities in Mishawaka, Fort Wayne and Carmel in just twenty days with the deadline set for August 17. 

Former Landmark employee Jason Brown, who's been outspoken about the problems there, says he’s glad the state made the decision to revoke the license.

“The license being revoked, a lot of us are really happy and celebrating it. I've been receiving lots of messages saying it’s been long overdue. But it’s a step in the right direction. The investigation is a step in the right direction. They're going to be held accountable. We're all going to be super excited when Landmark is finally put to rest.”   

The move comes after three Praxis patients in Mishawaka died in the past month--two from overdoses and one possible suicide. Police also got more than 100 calls for service there in about six months.

Brown fears patients in desperate need of addiction treatment could get shortchanged.

“Patients aren’t going to get the level of care that they need. If they have to expedite to get people out of the facilities in three weeks, they’re not going to get care cause it’s going to be a mad travel to find where to put people.”   

Congressman Rudy Yakym today sent a letter to Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita urging the office to investigate the facility--telling ABC57 news in part-

“I applaud the actions Indiana has taken thus far to prioritize patient and worker safety. I will continue to ensure that justice is ultimately served so those who need treatment can get the care and help they deserve.”

Praxis Landmark claims the revocation was based on misinformation and they are vowing to appeal the decision.

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