Notre Dame women's basketball team holds end-of-season awards banquet

NOW: Notre Dame women’s basketball team holds end-of-season awards banquet

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Hannah Hidalgo takes home four awards in the annual awards banquet.

The ladies finished the season 28-7 with a short-handed roster, winning the ACC championship before their season ended in a loss to Oregon State in the Sweet 16.

Today Head Coach Niele Ivey honored seniors that won't be returning for next season and handed out the awards to her players, including four different awards to the ACC Rookie and Defensive Player of the Year Hannah Hidalgo.

"This group is so resilient. And we had such a phenomenal season obviously a phenomenal ending. Just super grateful to be able to lead this group and to what we accomplished this season. It's just really proud as a coach," Ivey said.

"It's really surreal, obviously, because the season went by so fast. And so just to kind of tie things off now and just to actually say, like, you know, it's over. I mean, it's, it's still kind of in awe just like, how quick it ended in all that we accomplished throughout the season. But you know, we're just excited to you know, move on to next season and just get better," Hidalgo added.

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