Notre Dame football star adds the title of author to his resume

NOW: Notre Dame football star adds the title of author to his resume

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - Notre Dame sophomore Jaden Mickey is a stand-out cornerback for the Irish but now he can add author to his list of accomplishments.

Mickey shared his experience writing, 'The Win Isn't Always on the Scoreboard', with students in Mr. Ebright's freshmen English class at Mishawaka High School.

The story is loosely based on his own life as a middle school athlete who faces challenges like moving to a new school and the conflicts he faced with other students.

The students in class came up with questions to ask Mickey, everything from the writing process to regrets he has.

He also shared his playbook for life, saying there are no failures, just lessons; everyone matters, instincts are everything and you have a higher limit than you think.

Mickey says he hopes his story, both in real life and in the book, will help inspire kids going through tough times.

"I would say keep going, because I think every year life gets harder, so that's, that's how it's been most of the time, every year," Mickey said. "You think this is the hardest and then we get older and you think 'wow, that was easy.' So, I would say just keep going."

Mickey says the book was also inspired by his mother's battle with stage four colon cancer - a GoFundMe has been created to help with her fight.

You can purchase his book here. 

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