Notre Dame falls to Florida State in back-to-back losses

NOW: Notre Dame falls to Florida State in back-to-back losses

SOUTH BEND, Ind -- Irish suffer back-to-back losses to Syracuse and Florida State.

An 84-71 score may not sound bad but from inside this arena, it felt like much worse throughout 40 minutes.

The Irish were down 13-0 for the first 4 minutes, then found themselves down 32-8, with 11 minutes remaining in the first half.

“This is a group that's played a lot of basketball. They're thoroughly disappointed where they're at thoroughly and we all are. We all are,” said Head Coach Mike Brey.

The Irish wore green uniforms against the Seminoles, but they certainly did not cash in a win over Florida State.

Trailing by as many as 24 points put Notre Dame at a disadvantage from the jump, preventing a comeback.

“When you put yourself in such a deep hole like that, especially in the first half, so earliest this is really tough,” said guard Marcus Hammond.

Shooting 38% from throughout the game, the Irish couldn’t match the intensity and 51% shooting of the Seminoles. After the game, 23 year head coach Mike Brey had some frustration in response to how his team performed.

“I certainly haven't been able to help them much. I just told him that I’ve done a horrible job with you fellas. I just I thought I misread you. I thought we I thought we would be more, ready to compete there. And you know that that's again that's the boss's responsibility. Totally accountable. Totally accountable,” Brey added.

The Irish have a chance to bounce back on Saturday at home against Boston College.

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