Mother-daughter duo 'Ready for It’ ahead of Taylor Swift concert in Chicago

NOW: Mother-daughter duo ’Ready for It’ ahead of Taylor Swift concert in Chicago

While Taylor Swift will not be stopping in Indiana on her Eras Tour, she will be taking over Soldier Field in Chicago for the next three days, and plenty of local Swifties will be making the trip in "Style."

The concert, which sold out in seconds way back in November, is here, and the South Shore Line could be the “Getaway Car” for Michiana Swifties attending the show.

And the excitement?

They can't seem to “Shake It Off”, and I "Don’t Blame" them...

Sarah Thompson has been a Swiftie since the debut album back in 2006, and now she's sharing her love for the superstar with her daughter Lily.

But those who tried to get tickets know “All Too Well” how hard they were to get.

“These tickets are so expensive, there's no way I can afford to take her,” Thompson said at the time.

And then she heard about a contest U93 in South Bend was having to win tickets, sharing photos and videos involving the theme of the day, just to get entered.

Thompson’s entry turned her and her daughter into “The Lucky Ones”.

“My girlfriend texted me and said ‘I just heard your name on the radio, I think you just won Taylor Swift...’ and I thought ‘no way...Lily I think we won but I'm not sure,” she said.

“I screamed so loud, I was jumping up and down with my mom,” said Lily.

The win was just the “debut”: they had to make sure they had the right outfits before and during the show, so they made these T-shirts to get ready in, and friendship bracelets to trade.

“I mean it’s amazing, it's like a fashion show at these concerts,” Thompson said.

But what this mother-daughter duo is mostly looking forward to is sharing “The Best Day” with the artist, whose fanbase has stretched across “eras” of life for multiple generations.

“Every time I would go to a Taylor Swift concert, I would just think, ‘I can't wait til my daughter is old enough,” she said.

The duo will continue making videos similar to the one that won them the tickets, vlogging the entire trip.

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