Made in Michiana: The Savory Kernel

Made in Michiana: The Savory Kernel


MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- it's the perfect snack for even the pickiest of palates -- popcorn.

"They just see the big word 'popcorn' on the side of the wall and go, 'oh I have to stop!' People love popcorn, which is perfect,” said Jeff Mansfield, The Savory Kernel co-owner.

The Savory Kernel's owners Jeff Mansfield and Jamie Pluta spent a year doing research before diving into the popcorn business.

"We decided there's nothing else really like it in the area, which is a great thing for us. And we decided to take a jump and jump into popcorn,” said Mansfield.

Was it a terrifying jump to just say let's open a popcorn business?

“Neither of us has done any retail before this I can tell you that,” he joked.

It may have been terrifying but it's paid off for the two friends.

Mansfield continued, "People walk in the store and go, 'Oh, my gosh. I eat popcorn every day.’ I love it I'm a popcorn junkie."

The Mishawaka shop celebrated its grand opening last fall and now boasts nearly 100 flavors.

"People come in here and walk in the door and they'll stand there and go 'Oh, my gosh.' And be in awe of all the different flavors."

With unique flavors like pistachio, bubble gum, even lavender the popcorn pair says they aren't afraid to try anything.

"We can try anything. I can't guarantee we can make anything, or all of those, but we have made several, several different flavors that have been on the suggestion board,” he said.

And if you're more of a classic popcorn enthusiast, don't be alarmed. You can find fan favorites like ballpark and movie theater butter flavors on the store's shelves.

"The cheesy caramel is where it's at,” he said.

Whatever flavor you prefer to munch on, you can find it popped, bagged and sold right here in Michiana.

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