Local barbershop celebrating 60th anniversary

SOUTH BEND, Ind.— Celebrating 6 decades of haircuts!

The Boulanger’s Barberie has been a staple to the Jefferson Boulevard business scene for now 60 years as of July 1st.

60 years.

60 years on Jefferson Boulevard.

60 years of both dedicated and new customers.

And 60 years of relationships and lesson that have made the Boulanger Barberie a home away from home to many on Jefferson over the years.

“Time flies when you’re having fun. I enjoy what I do and I think it shows because of that. It’s effortless I guess I should say,” said Michelle Schmidt.

When you love what you do and the people you serve, hitting a 6 decade milestone is a proud moment.

“The ship is celebrating 60 years on the same block,” said Schmidt. I am the third owner which I am proud of that.”

Especially with a rich history rooted right here in South Bend.

“1960. July 1st Bernie Doyle opened the shop across the street. Right next to Buttons and Bows. Bernie was there for 15 years and Mike Boulanger, my previous boss, he was here 50 years and then I stepped right into it and it’s still going.”

Still going after they have seen businesses come and go off of their Jefferson Boulevard home.

“It’s grown over the years and it’s growing it’s great down here. It’s great to see Howard park back open again too,” said Schmidt.

Even with some unexpected lessons along the way.

“With all the virus and this is kind of been a lull I hope we come back strong and learn from it. Bring it all back to life,” said Schmidt.

A life sustained by growing relationships over the years.

“I can say proudly I’m on my 4th generation with multiple families,” said Schmidt.

A life the four current hair stylists are not giving up any time soon.

“We still have more to give, we’re still going,” said Schmidt.

Along with celebrating a 60 year anniversary the Barberie is also celebrating the one year anniversary of the shops pay it forward program.

“We also still have the pay it forward program still going on that started over a year ago by a new customer who is 92 years old!” said Schmidt. “Some people pay it forward for say a very Sean, I’ve had a police officer, I’ve had for a fireman so that’s been fun mixing it up.”

 Mixing it up from their original location across Jefferson Boulevard, from the customers they see, to the people they serve—60 years looks great on this barberie!

So when a new, 92-year-old customer suggested the pay it forward program of being able to pre-pay for haircuts for those who cannot afford it or someone with a specific job—owner of now 13 years, Michelle Schmidt says being able to give away 12 hair cuts over the last 12 months does not only touch her customers.

“I’ve been touched by that because I understand a cup of coffee you know at Starbucks or something. But for something personal like a haircut I was really touched by that when it got started and for it to still be going on a year later is very cool,” said Schmidt.

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