Library dedicating book to newborn babies

BREMEN, Ind.-- One local, public library is reminding German Township residents of their baby book dedication initiative!

The Bremen Public Library is tucked away off of North Jackson Street in Bremen where they have been undergoing some changes.

While there are not any physical changes to the building to note, rather the changes are inside where the staff is making changes to keep employees, patrons, and equipment as clean and sanitary as possible!

“Our mission has changed a little bit," said Library Director, Chris Scandling. "When we would think of libraries being a gathering place. If you look around right now you don’t see a lot of people in here it’s grab and go right now coming I’m getting what you need and then leaving, less seating in the building.”

Those, just some of the changes that the library has adopted to follow CDC guideline and keep patrons coming in.

While things might be a little different for now, note the library is still open for anyone to come and enjoy!

“We sanitize and quarantine all the materials that are coming in, 72 hours the stay in a room," said Scandling "Before we would have tables set up with chairs all around. Right now you see our computers are temporarily unavailable. Now it is summer time and we’re moving into this really warm weather we would still have lots of kids moving in here. We have a cabinet that’s full of board games that is now locked. Those are things that we hope we move into August or July that we can start getting those things out but it’s all reflective on what’s going to happen with the virus.”

While the library is undergoing some changes with new cleaning measures, one thing that has not changed is their 46 year old baby book program.

Many remember a day whenever a baby was born, you would see it posted as an announcement in the local newspaper to share the excitement with the whole community.

However, privacy laws have changed over the years so the Library is wanting to remind their German Township patrons that they can come and dedicate a book to their little bundles of joy!

For many parents, hearing their child read is an exciting day!

“We have been reading with them since day one," says mother of 3 and library patron, Brandy Bellman. "They will sit and look at books till their hearts content.”

Almost as memorable as the day they were born.

That is why the Bremen Public Library is wanting to share this excitement of both books and babies year round.

“The baby book dedication program actually started around 1976," said children's librarian, Kate Blakely.

A program that allows German Township residents to request a special book to remember their child's special day.

“Essentially when we order new books we keep in mind ones that would be good that talk about a child parent relationship and then we dedicate the book to them," said Blakely. "The book will receive a name plate, with their child’s name, the parents name and their date of birth."

A special book that can be checked out by family year round.

“Every year now we try to get them around their birthdays so we have them for that two week period and we get to read it to them," said Bellman.

You may even see friends books!

“When we check out other books, and they see the little emblem on the front when we open the book they always ask whose is this mom whose is this? So we read whose it is: sometimes we know them sometimes we don’t," said Bellman.

And when the book is retired?

“Either if it’s damaged or if it’s been here for 20-30 years and it’s just time to say good-bye, we call them and let them know and they can come pick up the book and it’s theirs to keep," said Blakely.

To keep Bellman's three girls and other kids excited about reading.

"When you read a book you go places that you can never imagine! Your mind takes you wherever it wants to go in the book," said Bellman.

And to continually bring people together, one page at a time.

“It’s something to show the library cares about the community," said Blakley. "It’s not my library, it’s not the librarians library it the communities library.”

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