Inside Bill “Red” Mack’s Fan Cave: Former Irish running-back and NFL Alumni

NOW: Inside Bill “Red” Mack’s Fan Cave: Former Irish running-back and NFL Alumni

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Bill “Red” Mack, a former Fighting Irish running-back and NFL player, takes us inside his home in South Bend to show off his fan cave. 

It’s a mix of both his past at Notre Dame and with the Green Bay Packers. 

“It’s stuff that I have collected over the years, that people have sent me,” Mack said. 

In 1957, Mack joined Notre Dame football under then head coach Terry Brennan. He started in 1958 as a sophomore and gained more than 500 yards that season. 

“In 58 I had a really good season!”

Mack was limited by his injuries his Junior and Senior year but still went on to be drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1961. Inside his fan cave, he still has the letter he received from the athletic office in 1960 wishing him a speedy recovery. 

His time in the NFL has gained him some pretty impressive friends over the years, including the likes of Frank Leahy, Art Rooney, Joe Paterno, and Vince Lombardi. Pictures of his former teammates and coaches and their signatures line some of the walls in his basement. 

Mack also has quite a few accolades on display including his certificates as both a member of the Pennsylvania and Indiana Football Hall of Fames. 

After his time with the Steelers, Mack had a brief stint playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. Mack’s toughness on the field caught the eye of the legendary Vince Lombardi and after a quick phone call, he was on the practice field for Green Bay the next day. 

“I went with the Packers and that was in 66. That’s when the first Super Bowl was played so I as on the first Super Bowl team, “ Mack said. “I got the chance to play for a team that was a winner. And they won because Lombardi controlled everything.”

Mack retired after playing in Super Bowl I for the Packers, and he looks back at that time fondly, but on Saturdays, his loyalties are to the Irish! 

“The mystique has not left. I am as excited about them now as I was when I played there.”

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