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'First Family': Mayor Pete Buttigieg and husband land on the cover of Time Magazine

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and husband, Chasten, are on the latest cover of Time Magazine. 

The magazine cover comes on the heels of Buttigieg's official announcement that he will be entering the race for President in 2020.

The South Bend Mayor is currently touring the country. 

The latest edition of Time Magazine hits news stands this week.

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SteveWestlake 201 days ago
Too bad! Maybe there should be some in depth reporting on his city that he can not control the violence. Murders and additional shootings are common place! Maybe there should be some look at the huge $368 million civil budget. South Bend's budget is second only to Indy's. No other city is close. South Bend is rated as a SMALL city. Fort Wayne is 2.5 times larger than South Bend and their budget is about half! Elkhart is half the size of South Bend. Elkhart's civil budget is $290 million less. And I'm still wondering about that Afghanistan deployment! Why no Navy Action Combat Ribbon? Hmmm... This is becoming a huge side show!
You fixate on the violence in South Bend, but do you have any background in what is leading to the increased violence? You discuss the civil budget, yet do not present where the funds are funneled into to support the city. Easy to throw out small accusations with no evidence to justify your stance there Steve from West Lake. Your previous comments are extremely negative. Perhaps you have a hidden agenda in your comments, such as fearful of sexual orientations or perhaps just fixated on "party lines." Whatever your underlying issues are, perhaps doing further research into the matter, instead of promoting skewed opinions, would be better suited.
If you would like to show truth, then evidence shines light to the masses Steve. Here is some evidence that I was able to provide to show a breakdown of the budget that you are so fixated on...http://docs.southbendin.gov/WebLink/0/edoc/276741/0.2019%20Budget%20Book.pdf

You are welcome.
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