Contractor leaves $15,000 kitchen remodel incomplete

NOW: Contractor leaves $15,000 kitchen remodel incomplete

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. -- “He lies and I feel like he's stolen from us. And I don't really want him in my house. So, I'd like to get my money back,” said Robin Venticinque.

Robin and her husband, Ron, signed a contract with Eric Trowbridge Designs LLC for a new kitchen back in August of 2023.

It was supposed to be their dream kitchen.

“We had an archway with some floating shelves. He did that. That was way back in October. He did a partial back wall of the whitewash brick. So, it appeared that he was going to do the job,” Robin tells us.

According to the contract that was signed, it was supposed to take about three months to complete.

Venticinque showed us the design she says, provided by the contractor.

Now, seven months later this is the result.

“Several excuses, workload business conditions, employee availability holidays. He gave the same excuse twice when someone's basement was flooded. It was an emergency in Michigan City,” explained Robin.

Venticinque paid the contractor more than $14,000 and estimates less than $5,000 was spent on her project.

Where is the rest of the money?

“I believe he's misappropriated the funds that we paid them and used it for something else," added Robin.

Eric Trowbridge Design LLC has multiple civil cases pending in court.

We called the company owner and left a message.

Venticinque then received this text message from the contractor.

At this point she just wants her money back. She is hoping to avoid legal recourse, but it is an option.

Her heart is broken.

“Sorry. Yep, I'm almost 60 and I never had a new kitchen. And I like to cook. So sorry. It's just very emotional,” said Robin.

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