Checking in with 100-year-old Holocaust survivor

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- We are looking back over the last 365 days living in a pandemic.

Where one woman not only celebrated 100 years of life but reflected on a year unlike any other.

Ruth Heumann, or better known to every person in her life as Omi, was introduced to Michiana last August when she celebrated her 100th birthday and a life well lived!

“She turned 100 last year! And because of the pandemic, we couldn’t do what we originally signed up to do. And that was to get the family together and go to a restaurant and celebrate that way because it’s a milestone, being 100 years old, and she’s been through a lot," says daughter Judy Heumann.

From surviving the Holocaust to immigrating to the United States and starting a life and a family she loves--Ruth Heumann has lived a life surrounded in love from her friends and family.

But in 2020, when birthdays and get togethers were put to the side, her family refused to let her centennial birthday be missed.

So her daughter, Judy, and grand-daughter, Karen, invited the community, family, and friends out for a drive by birthday parade that went off without a hitch.

“It was a surprise my mom had no idea. I took her out on Sunday morning this was august first her birthday was on a Sunday. And we did the parade. It was beautiful okay. My mom was surprised and she kept saying I can’t believe all these people are here," says Judy.

People all there to celebrate this, and all the birthday's and life moments to come.

“Were looking forward to her 101st birthday which will be in august and hopefully we can get together with everybody. People are getting their shots now so hopefully we will be able to have a celebration again but in person," says Judy

In person the hope for just about everyone at this point.

But no matter if families are celebrating with the fan fare of car horns, cheers, and lots of eager waves--Ruth reminds us that this is still a life to love.

The people in it making each milestone more and more worth the struggles.

Judy relays that Ruth is so thankful for this life and all the people who show love so deeply.

Adapting isn't easy on anyone but seeing her family and friends choose to do just that and more to be with her on her special day is indescribable.

This giving of love a trait the whole Heumann family has kept alive throughout the pandemic, even for other family members across the country!

“My aunt Ruth, she lives in Chicago she lives in a residence now. She turned 91. And we did a zoom call with her," says Judy. "And we have relatives that live all over the country and we all got together on a zoom call. And that was so nice. And my aunt was able to enjoy it to. And she has a unique history as well because she survived the Holocaust. So she does very well. Actually now to at 91."

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