ABC57 Road Trip: U-Pick season underway at South Haven's Bumbleberry Acres

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich., - ABC57 Road Trip continued this week in the popular tourist destination of South Haven Michigan, home to Bumbleberry Acres, a family-owned U-pick farm.

With U-Pick season officially underway, things are already buzzing at Bumbleberry, home to hundreds of acres of blueberries.

“Our family actually owns about 300 acres of blueberries, and prior to us purchasing this farm, this farm was run just as a small U-Pick family-like farm just for people to come and pick,” said Beth Bocock, the Owner and Manager of Bumbleberry Acres.

The farm now offers so much more than just seven different varieties of fresh blueberries for picking.

“We wanted to make a place that would be an adventure that we would take our children to if we were going on vacation somewhere,” explained Bocock.

The 15 children among all the farm owners helped to inspire a unique experience catered to kids.

From barrel train rides to a miniature animal petting zoo with donkeys, rabbits and goats to a playground, a rock digging zone and even an area to just hang out and relax, the family-friendly farm is a destination for folks of all ages from all different places.

“It’s only like a five-and-a-half-hour drive from Louisville and we’re staying in a little Airbnb in town in South Haven, and we actually rode our bikes on a trail, and we hit the end of the trail to see what was nearby and this farm was here. So it was a delightful surprise,” said Jenny and Molly Baughman, visiting from Kentucky.

After you’re done filling up your bucket of deliciousness, you can head to the farm store to see those blueberries transform.

“In the store, we have a farm market. We also have a bakery, where everything is from scratch and all the recipes are from everyone's grandmothers in the family, said Bocock. “So you can get homemade biscuits, cookies, all these different things that we grew up with.”

While you leave full of fresh fruit and fun, you’ll also walk away with a lesson.

“We find out that people really don't know where their food comes from and so we take a lot of time to educate the parents while the kids listen some, they're getting that, just a little education,” she said.

Bumbleberry Ares is a little over an hour drive from South Bend and is open seven days a week.

U-pick season goes through November and will feature seasonal activities like U-Pick pumpkins and wildflowers.

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