ABC57 Road Trip: Go wild at the Fort Wayne Zoo!

ABC57 Road Trip: Go wild at the Fort Wayne Zoo!

FORT WAYNE, Ind., - This week, our ABC57 Road Trip team stopped by the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, now in their 59th season.

The children’s zoo is one of the best for kids in the nation.

It sits on 40-acres of land, filled with animals from all around the world.

“We're a full-fledged zoo. We have giraffes, we have tigers and lions, sting rays, kangaroos, dingoes plus, we have our Indiana family farm,” said Bonnie Kemp, the Director of Communication at the zoo.

From Indiana all the way to Australia, the zoo has educational exhibits that not only give you the opportunity to look at the animals from afar but get up close and personal with them as well, including feeding goats, stingrays, and more.

If getting up close and personal with the animals wasn’t enough, the zoo also features four different rides that take you through the park, fit for those of all ages.

“It's great for the littlest of our guests to be able to see the animals and feel like they're up close in with the animals,” explained Kemp.

To top it all off, the zoo is also preparing to unveil a major upgrade to its space.

“Memorial Day weekend, we're opening up the newest addition to our zoo, which is Red Panda Ridge, it will be home to Red Pandas. It will also be home to a Chinese Muntjac, which is a very small deer from China, as well as an aviary full of Asian birds,” added Kemp.

A perfect place with lots of wildlife to see for kids and adults no matter your age.

“There's a lot of great exhibits to throughout the way. Lots of great reading materials. She can't read yet, but she asks a lot. ‘What does that say?’ And so, it sparks a lot of curiosity,” said Rawlin Kegley, a parent and frequent visitor of the zoo.

“We’ve been saying that we wanted to come again for almost the one entire school year so just it's fun to come back on our day off,” added high school senior Itoro Udoh.

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo predicts they’ll see about 600,000 guests this season alone. It's perfect for big groups or small family outings.

To plan a visit, click here for more information.

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