ABC57 Road Trip: Fastimes Indoor Karting cures your need for speed

ABC57 Road Trip: Fastimes Indoor Karting cures your need for speed

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - ABC57 Road Trip continued this week in Indianapolis, the racing capital of the world. With all the buzz around the Indy 500 these last few weeks, our team decided to hit the track ourselves, at one of the top-rated karting facilities in the country.

A need for speed, that’s what you’ll get at Fastimes Indoor Karting in Indianapolis.

“It was exhilarating, it’s really really fast and it’s awesome,” said teen racer Langston Endicott.

“We were the first two-level track in the country to go out there and cars go up to 40 miles an hour,” added Fastimes Indoor Karting Manager Mike West.

West said their one-of-a-kind track has been around for more than two decades.

“The owner who was Roger. He’s the one that designed the track and they wanted to design a really tight track for racers coming here to have fun,” explained West. “It’s more unique, it's more of a challenge to two tenths of a mile's intense, it works your muscles, but for about eight minutes, you can be like an IndyCar driver.”

The track is so similar to a real racing experience, it’s even served as a practice facility for some of the pros that race in the Indy 500 - the biggest racing competition in the world at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“It's a lot of the IndyCar drivers you'd recognize today or have been in here before. Conor Daly has been coming here since he was like 16 years old,” said West.

But Fastimes isn’t just catered to the pros. The track allows regular folks to go out there and give it a shot, including teens and younger kids.

“We have the adult cars, if you have a driver's license...we have the intermediate cards for teens and then we have what we call the junior cards for about age eight, you know, 53 inches tall to go out there,” added West.

With safety always top of mind...

“We're very strict on allowing people to go out there. So, they can't go out there and hurt themselves or hurt somebody else,” explained West.

And fun a close second...

“It’s a lot of fun, it’s different from any other thing that I do. I’m usually doing stuff, other different sports and this is exciting because it’s close to speedway times,” said 14-year-old racer Jackson Reyome.

Fastimes does require all adult racers to have a valid driver’s license and waivers for those under 18.

For all those safety requirements and to plan a visit to hit the track click here.

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