ABC57 Road Trip: Experience a 'theme park of craft beer' at Bell's Brewery

ABC57 Road Trip: Experience a ’theme park of craft beer’ at Bell’s Brewery

KALAMAZOO, Mich. -- “It is kind of a theme park of craft beer if you will, says Ryan Tovey, Director of Hospitality and Retail at Bell’s Brewery. “You can really choose your options of beer and experiences to your choosing.”

The Kalamazoo, Michigan staple has been around since 1983. Paying a visit to bell’s is an entire experience and a chance to hear the story of the famous beer from start to finish.

Larry Bell first started brewing his own home brew shop in 1983. It did not take long for the praise of his unique taste and craft to spread. Soon after, he officially opened Bell’s Brewery in 1985.

“But I do think that this space that we are in is super unique, this space is where it all began. It is all old original brick, and it really has a unique character and ambiance as you walk in. You feel like you are transported somewhere different, and you truly feel like you are experiencing this beer and the craft industry in a super unique fashion.”

After opening the first tap room in all of Michigan, Bell made history and paved the way for many brewers thereafter! And his product, only improved.  In 1997, he released two hearted ale. The bell’s brews that many know and love today is available in 40 states.

While a visit to the brewery gives you an inside look on its deep history, you also get an inside taste, too. The pub has 25 to 28 beers on tap. These range from the classics to some unique brews you cannot find anywhere else but downtown Kalamazoo.

From the tours, to the concerts, to the beer garden and diverse menu, there really is something for everyone they even offer beverages from the low cal to the stouts!

“I think that is what is so exciting about beer. It really is this matrix of so many different flavor profiles that it really is this blend of art and science coming together, and when you try a good beer, you can just feel the right ingredients being featured throughout the flavor experience.”

Bell’s Brewery has several events coming up including their Oberon Day in March. Learn more about their experiences here.

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