Winter Restaurant Weeks returns to South Bend

NOW: Winter Restaurant Weeks returns to South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Restaurant Weeks returns to South Bend with 22 different locally owned restaurants participating. 10% of the proceeds from each meal benefit Beacon Children’s Hospital.  

The two-week event kicks off Monday and lasts through February 5th which gives diners the chance to try dishes at multiple restaurants and support local businesses. A variety of options include breakfast, lunch and dinner with meals ranging from Japanese cuisine to soul food and even fine dining. Each restaurant offers a variety of deals and specials to not only support Beacon Children’s Hospital but promote other locally owned restaurants in the area.  

Peg Dalton the owner of PEGGS, one of the founding Restaurant Week members in the Downtown Dining Alliance shares the opportunity by pooling marketing throughout the community so diners can try new restaurants and build up small businesses.   

“The newer restaurants get their name out there,” said Dalton. “We also helped the smaller restaurants who I was wants one of those smaller restaurants and because of some of the things that we’ve done in collaboration, I’m not one of the smaller restaurants anymore. So, we help some of the smaller and newer restaurants.” 

Restaurant Weeks is a great way to support local businesses and give back to the community, but it helps families in need.   

Courtney Kubly, director of business development for Downtown South Bend shared the goal of the event. 

“So, the actual goal of Restaurant Weeks is to support Beacon Children’s Hospital,” said Kubly. “It’s been an ongoing partnership. In 2022, we were able to give over $25,000 back to Beacon Children’s Hospital.” 

Approximately 10% of the proceeds from each meal purchased will be donated directly to the Beacon Children’s Hospital. Since the partnership began in 2014, the event has donated more than 210,000 dollars to the hospital. With 22 restaurants to choose from, more money can be raised throughout the two-week event.   

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