Veterans Memorial Swinging Bridge in Winamac lights up for the first time in 100 years

NOW: Veterans Memorial Swinging Bridge in Winamac lights up for the first time in 100 years

PULASKI COUNTY, Ind. -- A 100-year-old bridge in Winamac gained a new feature that is sure to light up the small town.   

“This is a monument to all the veterans of Pulaski County,” says Greg Henry about the bridge, an organizer of the Veterans Memorial Bridge Rededication ceremony. 

All Pulaski County veterans of past and present are honored and recognized by the rededicated Veterans Memorial Swinging Bridge.  

First built in 1923, the bridge connecting both sides of the Tippecanoe River honored those that have served this country and those that made the ultimate sacrifice during World War I. 

Now, 100 years later, gold star families walked across the bridge dropping flower petals into the river beneath for their lost loved ones from all conflicts. 

For Bill and John Kocher, honoring their fallen uncle was heart touching.  

“In another hundred years, things will be quite different then they are now, but it’s good we can keep these memories,” says John Kocher, nephew of a Pulaski County fallen veteran. 

Over the last 5+ years, it’s been Greg and Brenda Henry’s mission to complete the city’s landmark with lights, so it can be just as appreciated at night. 

Monday's rededication also marks the end of their mission. 

Now, they hope the bridge continues to honor local veterans for hundreds of more years to come.  

"I’m just hoping that everyone appreciates that this is a memorial like Lincoln Memorial or Washington Memorial, and treat it nice,” Greg says. 

“And to enjoy it for years to come,” adds Brenda. 

Henry says now that the lights are on and their job is done, folks can still donate to the cause towards the upkeep of the bridge. He says you just donate to the town of Winamac and let them know it’s for the Veterans Memorial Swinging Bridge. 

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