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Two witnesses describe what they saw during hit-and-run crash on Pike and Denver

NOW: Two witnesses describe what they saw during hit-and-run crash on Pike and Denver


GOSHEN, Ind.—Two witnesses spoke Thursday about Tuesday night’s hit-and-run crash that left a 33-year-old Wisconsin man in critical condition.

David Bickel, who works at a grocery store near the crash scene, was leaving work to go home Tuesday night around 9 p.m. when he says he saw a man stumbling towards the stop sign that he and another car, a Jeep, were sitting at.

Bickel says the man fell into the street, at which point he and the driver of the Jeep got out to help but the man then fell a second time.

“I’m like ‘oh jeez we gotta get out and help him.’ We were about ready to get up and we kind of like hesitated and we were like ‘oh I’m sure a car will see him’ and then we saw a car coming and within that second the guy went to push up and then he just got hit,” Bickel said.

Police say that the victim was hit by two vehicles and one of those vehicles left the scene.

Another witness to the incident, Maria Valdezacosta, was getting gas near the scene of when she saw a man stumbling and getting into an argument with a man who drives a Jeep.

“He kept on striking thin air and kept on walking backwards and that’s when he got struck by the vehicle that hit him. And he just hit and ran. He didn’t even stop and check or anything,” Valdezacosta said.

The victim, identified as Michael Griggs, 33, was airlifted to a local hospital with serious head and internal injuries.

Police do not have a suspect or description of the vehicle that left the scene.

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