Then-and-now photos show just how bad the beach erosion is

SAINT JOSEPH, Mich. -- You've probably heard about or seen just how extensive and even damaging the lakeshore erosion is along Berrien County. 

But longtime St. Joseph resident and photographer Nathan Voytovick has put the incredible amounts of erosion into perspective. 

He put together two then-and-now photos to show how dramatic the erosion has been along the shoreline. 

The first photo above shows the beach at Tiscornia Park this fall compared to just a year ago during the summer of 2018.

That's an incredibly high amount of beach gone in just over one calendar year. The second photo shows the northern end of Silver Beach just three years ago compared to today.

Foot after foot of beach has been eaten away as a result of the very high -- at times near-record -- lake levels. 

Going forward the forecast calls for a drop of only two inches by December 29th on Lake Michigan. 

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