Suspect named in 11-year-old's death, day after family prays for answers

NOW: Suspect named in 11-year-old’s death, day after family prays for answers

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Eighteen-year-old Dominick Williams Jr. has been named as the suspect in the fatal shooting that took the life of 11-year-old T’yon Horston. 

Just the day before police announced the suspect, community members gathered around Horston’s grandmother at his memorial at the site of the shooting calling for justice. 

“Father God, I’m asking you, Father God, for the killers to get caught like ASAP, Father God,” prayed Horston’s grandmother at a prayer vigil. 

Less than a day later, her prayers may have been answered. 

ABC57 News obtained prosecuting documents outlining the evidence that lead investigators to believe Williams was the one behind the trigger on April 20th. 

It shows investigators with the South Bend Police Department talked to witnesses who saw a black male subject dressed in all black in the alley across from Johnson Street, where the shooting happened. 

Then he was seen carrying a rifle shortly after they heard the sound of gunshots. 

Witnesses reported watching the man drive off in a white Dodge Charger, which broke down just blocks away from the shooting. The man ran out of the Charger and was then picked up in another vehicle. 

Authorities claim interview with the people in that second vehicle confirm they picked up Dominick Williams Jr. 

It ends up that the Charger was reported stolen shortly after the homicide; the owner telling investigators that Williams was the only other person who drove it. 

While Williams is charged, he’s still on the run. 

Some people in South Bend expressed that they’re nervous at the thought of the killer is still out there. If you have any idea where Dominick Williams Jr. May be, call Michiana Crime Stoppers at 574-288-STOP. 

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