Some snow this weekend, but low amounts thanks to low track

After almost a two week long break, winter weather has returned to Michiana.

While some snow squalls moved through northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan, a few spots saw mixed precipitation: including graupel!

Graupel (also referred to as snow pellets) forms when water droplets freeze (or rime) to a snowflake. Typically, they are fragile to the touch and don't usually cause a lot of travel issues. 

While parts of the Midwest like Minnesota and Iowa deal with blizzard warnings and heavy snow, Michiana will only see minor accumulations from this massive low pressure system.

Why is Michiana missing out on the serious snow? It all comes down to the track of the low pressure system. Typically, we want the center of the low to track from the southwest to the northeast through Louisville, KY. That positions Michiana in a perfect spot to tap in to the system's strongest forcing and coldest air. 

This time around, the low is tracking from west to east through South Bend. That typically brings warm air ahead of the storm (hence the rain Thursday night) then snow showers behind the system. 

While some visibility issues are possible this weekend, major travel impacts are not expected.

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