Potawatomi Zoo says goodbye to red panda Sisu

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The Potawatomi Zoo announced on Friday morning the departure of one of its most popular animals, Sisu the red panda.

"It's always bittersweet to announce that a much-loved animal has left the Zoo for another home," zoo officials said. "Our red panda, Sisu, who was born at the zoo in 2021, has received a breeding recommendation from the Red Panda Species Survival Plan and has moved to a new Association of Zoos and Aquariums-accredited zoo."

Red pandas can live well into their 20s, so Sisu has plenty of years left to enjoy a potential new family in a new home.

"We'll miss her terribly, but we're happy to still have Raya and Maiya here, as well as Justin and Garnet behind the scenes, and maybe someday, we'll get to see Sisu's babies," the zoo said. 

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