Official's warnings of this weekend's fire watch

NOW: Official’s warnings of this weekend’s fire watch

SOUTH BEND, IN - This weekend’s fire watch may make you reconsider how you get rid of all the leaves piling up on your property. Many people in South Bend say they’re definitely paying attention to the conditions outside.

Ken Kinslow has lived in his house for forty years and every fall his yard fills with leaves. Like many people- he is taking advantage of the nice weather to clean up.

“It is a combination of things using the yard trash barrel sometimes bagging up leaves in the front, it’s nice that they have the leaf pick up,” said Kinslow.   

 It may be tempting to burn leaves after raking them into a pile. But it is illegal in St. Joseph County- and with this weekend’s fire watch - it could also be destructive.

“Even if you think you have a small controlled fire like you know something outside at home, the way the winds are they get really calm, then they start gusting up,” said Dave Cheron, Clay Fire Marshall. “People don’t stay where you tell them, and the fire obviously isn’t going to”

 According to Cheron, if you are thinking of starting a fire, this is not the weekend.

“There isn't really any reason for you to burn anything so don't,” said Cheron.

Sir Washington of South Bend has experienced firsthand the destruction of fire. Just this morning, he lost his home to a fire that originally began in the attic.

“I took off, soon as I heard the explosion was so fast, and out of nowhere,” said Washington.

The fire at his house isn’t necessarily connected to today’s fire watch conditions---But Washington has a message to people after he lost everything.

“Stay alert, do not be too comfortable - always show love to your neighbors because they were the ones that got me up out of here if it wasn't for them I would not have gotten out.”

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