Notre Dame football kicks off first day of fall camp under Coach Freeman

The Notre Dame football team held its first day of fall camp on Friday under new Head Coach Marcus Freeman.

Camp was held on campus this year, instead of Culver Academies like previous years.

Freeman said some of the players didn't make it through practice because of the heat on Friday.

As they prepare for their first game against Ohio State, Freeman says he will not change their practices and will not change who he is now that he is head coach.

"The biggest thing is that I believe in the core of my heart the same things that make you a successful position coach, successful coordinator, I believe will be the same things that make you successful head coach and it still goes down to hard work. It still goes down to preparing, it goes down to using those great minds around you. I've always done that. You know and that's what I've learned. You maybe thought when you become the head coach, you change who you are, you become a different person. This is the same things I believe in my heart that has helped me progress in terms of this profession will be the same things, I hope, that will help me be a successful head coach," Freeman said.

Freeman's motto is 'challenge everything' and that includes the quarterback position.

There is not a clear favorite among quarterbacks Drew Pyne, a junior, and Tyler Buchner, a sophomore.

Both had significant playing time last season and are primed for the starting role, but will have to prove themselves during fall camp.

"It's a two quarterback battle right now between Tyler and Drew. I think they all had major strides in the spring. Tyler missed the last two practice one was being the spring game and the practices before that, but you know, he got 13 really good practices in and I thought both of those guys had extremely good springs, you know. And then Steve and Ronnie, you know, those guys had good springs in terms of progression. Right. But what you'll see Drew and Tyler battle it out, and they'll both get reps with the ones and again, when myself and coach Reese and the offensive staff feel it's to a point where there's a quarterback that I said that's clearly showed us that he's the starter, we'll name him," Freeman said.

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