Nappanee continues cleanup after big storm Saturday

NAPPANEE, Ind. --- Cleanup is still going on in Nappanee after a storm hit the area, knocking out power and taking out tree limbs around the city.

As of Monday evening, 167 residents are still without power.

In West Side Park, big tree limbs almost took out a swing set where it looks like two trees fell near it, but you can see throughout the park many trees took the brunt of the storm.

Chelsea Bules, a neighbor down the street from the park, told ABC57 about a tree she watched fall on her neighbor’s house.

“My husband woke me up because he had heard some crackling and when I saw the tree fall down my first thought was the kids and we all got downstairs really quickly because the tornado sirens weren’t going off and it was just really random and scary,” Bules said.

With the heavy rain you can even see the flooding in the road and neighbors were out and about on Saturday helping clean each other’s homes while the power was out.

“Saturday all of us I mean we didn’t have power until almost 10 p.m. so the whole town was kinda out and about cleaning up their yards and cleaning up other houses. We actually didn’t have any trees hit our home so we were just kinda helping the neighbors clean up. We all had a team effort to help clean up things,” Bules told ABC57.

The house is vacant but it is being put on the market after some work was done on it.

“They’re trying to sell it on a land contract I believe, so that kinda stinks because they just did a bunch of work to it and then the tree had fallen on it so luckily nobody was in the home,” said Bules.

Crews are still out working to clear all of the debris from the storm.

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