Mishawaka softball team goes to Babe Ruth World Series for first time ever

NOW: Mishawaka softball team goes to Babe Ruth World Series for first time ever

MISHAWAKA, Ind. - For the first time in Mishawka, the East End MBSA 14u Girls' All-Star team were crowned champions and punched their ticket to the Babe Ruth World Series in Florida.

“It’s really exciting because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and no one else had that opportunity and it’d be great for us to go," says East End 14u Player Grace Matherly. 

But, to make that dream a reality, they are asking the public for donations.

With the World Series quickly approaching on July 17 through 26, their goal is to raise between $20 to $25,000.

“We can play against other countries and get experience with other people. And just the experience with playing somewhere different other than our homefield or the other places we’re used to would be really great for us.”

The team says they’ve already taken a step in reaching out to businesses, going door to door to restaurants, hanging up flyers in hopes to get the word around.  

So far, they say they have a local sponsor, who is willing to pay for their uniforms, the van, and trailer to the Sunshine state.

Brooke Hummer, an umpire at East End says this opportunity for the girls is huge because they would represent the entire Midwest. “These girls are a great group of girls. They are very humble, they are very respectful, they listen. I can’t say enough positive things about these girls. And to watch them grow from when they were nine to now, it’s amazing because they are going to be even more wonderful when they go into high school and into college.”  

For those wanting to donate, checks can be made out to East End MBSA, or you can stop by and give them cash or give to their Venmo account at East End-MBSA. 

Matherly says one donation, big or small, is a step towards their dream. “No one in Mishawaka community has gone to the World Series to represent and even the littlest donations can help us get there. If every person donates a little, it can help us get there. It can help the girls that might not be able to get there themselves be able to get there.”

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