Micah Shrewsberry officially introduced as the 18th head coach of Notre Dame men’s basketball.

NOW: Micah Shrewsberry officially introduced as the 18th head coach of Notre Dame men’s basketball.

SOUTH BEND, Ind – Micah Shrewsberry returns to Michiana for his next head coaching role.

Shrewsberry graduated high school at Indianapolis Cathedral, went to college at Hanover College, and with the exception of his two years as the head coach at Penn State, his other college coaching jobs were in the Hoosier state.

“Micah of fits Notre Dame in a sense, he's been on a career long journey. Some might say a lifelong journey. Much of its spent in Indiana that makes his arrival here today feel almost preordained. So, Micah, molly and family. Welcome home to your new home. Micah come on up,” said Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick.

Swarbrick says the pool of coaches for the Notre Dame men's basketball job started with 70 candidates and once it got down to 8 coaches, Micah Shrewsberry was the one name that continued to meet each criteria for the role.

“First of all, thank you, father john, jack, for your willingness to consider me. To meet. To talk to my family and now, you know, giving me this opportunity at Notre Dame, which is really special. So, thank you so much for that. I'm indebted to you guys and I’m just glad to be here and can't wait to get started,” said Shrewsberry.

As much as Shrewsberry can’t wait to get started, former Notre Dame basketball player -- and ESPN analyst -- Jordan Cornette, who hosted today's press conference, is looking even further down the road.

“Every stop on his basketball journey, he has left that place better off. I'm not certain he's going to have that same effect here at Notre Dame. You know why? Coach, we ain't going to let you leave. We ain’t going to let you leave here,” Cornette mentioned.

Today's crowd at Purcell Pavilion, included both Notre Dame football coach Marcus Freeman and Notre Dame women's basketball coach Niele Ivey.

And of Shrewsberry's family. His wife Molly and their four children.

The new basketball coach confirmed that this upcoming season will have the addition of his son Braden.

Who originally committed to Penn State, but instead will play for the Irish, in hopes of building on the success of the program.

“My two boys, Braden and Nick. Braden, the, you know, future home here, it gets a chance to get up shoot some threes here at the Joyce Center,” Shrewsberry said.

“The things that things that really stand out to me that we're that we're going to do as a program. We're going to play with discipline, we're going to play with toughness, and we're going to play together. If you do that, you give yourself a chance every single night and that's all I’m asking,” Shrewsberry added.

Shrewsberry went on to mention two things that stood out to the crowd.

He said he loves two things is family and basketball.

That's what he knows and who he is and he went on to say, he truly believes Notre Dame can win a national championship.

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