Made in Michiana: Rocket Science Ice Cream

Made in Michiana: Rocket Science Ice Cream


NAPPANEE, Ind. -- It wouldn't feel like a hot summer day if you couldn't cool off with a creamy scoop of ice cream.

Veronica Borkholder is a co-owner of Rocket Science Ice Cream.

“We're the only Rocket Science Ice Cream,” said Borkholder.

Her shop is nestled in the corner of Nappanee's Coppes Commons.

Her approach? “Well, it's rocket science, so we don't even get it,” she joked.

It’s different than most small town ice cream shops.

Rocket Science Ice Cream is made from scratch.

“We use a high-percentage cream. And then we add our flavors and mix-ins and we freeze it right in front of you,” Borkholder explained.

Liquid nitrogen turns the liquid cream into a frozen treat in a matter of seconds at a frigid 320 degrees below zero.

She said, “It flash freezes it, which actually in turn makes the ice crystals in the ice cream smaller. So it's a melt in your mouth, creamy ice cream.”

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The quaint shop offers so much more than your standard ice cream flavors.

“If you want to create your own ice cream, we have over 50 flavors to choose from, or you can go with one of our classic recipe,” said Borkholder.

From PB&J to Nutella -- even Mexican chocolate -- there's not many combinations Borkholder and her crew won't try.

“We can create whatever you want. If somebody wants to try to bring in some of their own ingredients, we have people do that. We've had some strange ingredients,” she said. “I think one of the strangest ones that turned out to be really good was orange flavoring with chocolate chips.”

Whether you concoct your own creation or go for something classic, Borkholder says you won't be sorry after you give this ice cream that's mixed, frozen and scooped up right here in Michiana a try.

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