Journeyman Distillery a destination, boasts ties to Notre Dame


There’s an old saying that says, ‘it's about the journey, not the destination.’

For South Bend native, Bill Welter, the journey wasn't always 100% proof.

"I wanted to learn about golf, and ended up learning a lot about whiskey. I went from banking to booze!  I used to work for my dad in the banking business," said Welter.

Welter once worked for his father, a Notre Dame graduate and banker. 

“I worked in the family business which was banking, for five or six years,” said Welter.

In the middle of the craft brewery boom, the distillery has become a destination. 

"Opening the distillery in southwest Michigan is great because we are in close proximity to South Bend,” said Welter. 

For Joe Biggs, a Notre Dame graduate and distillery fan, the luck of the Irish led him to Journeyman.

"I went from being a patron to having a full-time job. It’s exciting to share what I’ve done in life back with the university," said Biggs. 

And for this pair, a steady stream of effort goes a long way into pleasing their patrons. 

With success of the distillery and their passion for the Irish, you could say their cup run-eth over.

“Notre Dame is a special place and they’ve been supportive of our brand as well. Some of our products are carried on campus, at the Morris Inn for example,” said Welter.

For Welter, the journey of a thousand miles began with a single sip. 

“For me and my wife, for the success that we’ve had here and to tie it in with the university has been special, as well,” said Welter.

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