Joe Alt and Blake Fisher weigh in on why both offensive linemen entered the NFL draft after three seasons.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind – In three seasons with the Irish, it was no doubt that Alt and Fisher should at least consider the draft, but why leave?

Alt, a projected first round, top-10 pick from North Oaks, Minnesota had nothing to lose by declaring for the draft.

A force at left tackle and played all three seasons, Alt looks to be the first offensive lineman off the board.

“It was a long thought process for me, you know, I took to the law consideration of my father and how, you know, he did it and what we talked about and, you know, I said I feel like I had a calling from God and you know, I was put in this position, so I had to take, you know, take advantage of that and listen to the call and move on to the next step,” Alt said.

On the other side of Alt, is right tackle Blake Fisher. The two came to Notre Dame together. Now they exit together, with hopes of joining the NFL fraternity, together.

“A lot of consulting you know, with you know, coaches, Coach Rudolph, Coach Freeman, my agents, and then just, you know, kind of feeling like if you know, if I'm ready or not, you know, as Coach Rudolph, you know, he kind of gave me the green light, you know, have a plan in place, you know, to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible. And from there and you know, I decided to leave,” Fisher said.

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