Indiana State Police provide parents a new tool to report suspected online predators.

NOW: Indiana State Police provide parents a new tool to report suspected online predators.

The Indiana internet crimes against children task force, creating a new website that will allow the public an opportunity to help report crimes against kids.  

Most tips are generated by providers like google, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.  

Now, concerned citizens and parents have a new tool at their disposal to report suspected online predators. 

Christopher Cecil is a First Sergeant with the taskforce. 

“In 2020, you'll see we finish the year around 6100. And then in 2021, we go around 7500 Cyber tips. And then last year we doubled went to 14,000 Cyber tips.” 

One of the primary goals of the Internet Crimes Against Children, also known as the ICAC task force, is prevention.  

By providing resources and a reporting platform on their website, they empower the community to join the mission against online child exploitation.  

Over 50 law enforcement agencies in Indiana alone are actively involved in this crucial initiative.  

Regardless of where an investigation originates, the task force uses their resources to help identify victims and apprehend suspects.  

When it comes to protecting children from online threats, parental involvement and vigilance play a crucial role.  

According to Indiana state police, parents are encouraged to look for these signs when they suspect their children have been exposed to online predatory behavior. 

  • Signs of heightened secrecy 

  • Reluctance to share device access 

  • Guarded behavior 

According to First Sergeant Cecil,  

“We will work with other states, other countries to help identify the suspect. If everything's happening here in Indiana, then it comes to the Indiana State Police. I have three cyber tip coordinators who go through and look at this cyber tip and then they deduce where geographically this behavior is occurring. And then we look and see if we have an Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force affiliate. In that area. If we do not, then it goes to the Indiana State Police.” 

Cyber Tip Report Link: 

CyberTip Report 

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