Incumbent Todd Young re-elected to US Senate

Incumbent Sen. Todd Young has won re-election.

Todd Young released the following statement after declaring victory:

“I am grateful to Hoosiers for the opportunity to continue serving them in the United States Senate,” U.S. Senator Todd Young said, addressing a crowd of supporters in Indianapolis. “This Marine is ready to go back to Washington to fight back against the Biden-Harris agenda wherever necessary, but I'm also ready to work across the aisle to conquer America's challenges and defeat our enemies abroad.”

“As this campaign closes, I am incredibly grateful for the grassroots volunteers who knocked doors, made calls, or found a way to donate to our campaign. To every candidate up and down the ballot who stepped up and ran for office this year: thank you. Our communities, state, and nation are better for your willingness to serve. “

“I want to congratulate Mayor McDermott and James Sceniak for their tireless efforts on the campaign trail,” Young said. “It is my honor to serve all Hoosiers and represent all their interests in Washington. Let’s get to work.”

This race is crucial in the the balance of power, determining whether Republicans or the Democratic Party will control the Senate.

The contest between Republican incumbent Sen. Todd Young and Democratic nominee Tom McDermott shows these midterm elections could have a larger impact than the current issues of today. It could shape the future of the federal government.

As ABC57 has reported, McDermott, the current mayor of Hammond, IN, wants to see Democrats add seats to the Supreme Court. Sen. Young does not.

Young believes threatening the debt ceiling to negotiate budget cuts is “fair game”. McDermott believes it’s a ploy to cut benefits like Social Security.

And the candidates are split on ending the filibuster, which has essentially stopped controversial legislation from even getting a vote unless it has the support of 60 US Senators.

McDermott is in favor of ending the filibuster all together.

“Quite frankly, I think the filibuster is ruining the US Senate,” McDermott told ABC57. When asked if he would be in favor of a traditional filibuster, requiring legislators to speak on the Senate floor, McDermott replied, “the fact is they keep watering down the filibuster rule instead of just pulling the bandage off.”

“It’s become a political issue because of these sorts of highly extreme positions,” Sen. Young said. “The American people, certainly not the people of Indiana, are not looking for major structural change to the government right now. They don’t want revolution, they want restoration.”

Sen. Young has arguably been seen as a more moderate member of the Republican party. He helped push legislation that became the CHIPS Act. The bill, which subsidizes tech manufacturing, gained support from President Joe Biden. He’s also worked across the aisle on foreign policy legislation.

Along with calling for changes to SCOTUS and the filibuster, McDermott started his campaign by smoking cannabis in an ad calling for drug reform. But, he says, he’s closer to Republicans on making spending cuts a priority.

“We sent Todd Young to Washington DC and he forgot who his bosses are,” McDermott said. “It’s the 6.6 million people that live in Indiana. It’s not the people that finance his campaign account with $6 million.”

“I fought on behalf of the policies [Hoosiers] want,” Young said. “They want more manufacturing in this part of the state. I got the CHIPS and Science Act passed. They want more relief from taxation. I voted to cut taxes for just about every American.”

McDermott and Young made a few campaign stops in the early morning for Election Day but didn’t go across the state rallying. Both already voted early.

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