Indiana US Senate candidate Tom McDermott open to "packing the court"

NOW: Indiana US Senate candidate Tom McDermott open to “packing the court“

The balance of power in Congress isn't the only thing at stake in the 2022 midterm elections. The future of the US Supreme Court may be, as well. 

Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott is the Democratic nominee challenging Indiana US Senator Todd Young (R) in a tight race

Talking about the US Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe V Wade, McDermott told ABC57, "instead of worrying about the law, I think the justices are worried about the politics." 

McDermott said if Democrats maintain control of Congress, he would be open to adding seats to SCOTUS to, as he said, "reverse the damage that's already been done to the US Supreme Court."  

"50 years of precedent was tossed out because they had the votes. That's not appropriate. That's not how the US Supreme Court is supposed to operate," McDermott said. "I would never support a justice that didn't respect precedent. And that's what we have with the three justices that were confirmed by Todd Young."

Early voting is still open in Indiana. Election day is Tuesday, November 8. 

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