Graff Bash brings in artists to paint murals in South Bend

NOW: Graff Bash brings in artists to paint murals in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- The South Bend community is seeing a new, vibrant touch of art, thanks to the many talented artists that came into town for the seventh annual Graff Bash.

 “We are raising funds to be able to provide murals, as well as gather the community and lift up surrounding businesses in the area and clean up the community,” says the founder of Graff Bash, Alex VanGalder.

Graff Bash celebrated the art of murals and those that paint them by giving them a new platform for their work. It also gives other local artists a chance to share their talents, like the 15+ musicians that provided the live music for the two day event.

 “I just performed a few of my songs, one song that people know me by is $1.96, talking about my bank account,” says Nnenia Okereake, a local entertainer who goes by Reminisce.X. “South Bend definitely has a lot of amazing local artists you know that should always be represented.”

Graff Bash is also a chance for locals to simply watch the process of artists painting a mural and see all the work that goes into it.

“The art is really awesome to watch, there’s a guy down there with a string attached so he can get the perfect circle,” says Okereake. “I never thought of the mathematics behind graffiti and it’s so cool.”

The founder of Graff Bash says it’s truly about giving fellow artists the chance to express themselves and share their art with different communities.

“I’ve had the opportunity to paint with a lot of these individuals and get to meet them at other events and different areas,” VanGalder says. “That’s one of the blessings, is being able to provide the same opportunity for people that have given me the same opportunity. It’s good to give back.”

VanGalder says they are not done creating and sharing art with the community, and they’re always looking for more people to help them grow.

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