Fans audition to be the next Notre Dame PA announcer

NOW: Fans audition to be the next Notre Dame PA announcer

It’s been 40 years since the PA announcer job for Notre Dame Football has opened up, so it’s not an exaggeration to say it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when the university asked anyone and everyone to take their shot at taking the PA seat. 

The Notre Dame Football Twitter account, @NDFootball, tweeted, “Want to be the next voice of Notre Dame Stadium? Tell us who you are, why you're the right fit and give us your best PA calls."

With one tweet, Notre Fame found more than 40 applicants ready to be an Ambassador of Audio, Scribe of Sound, and Voice of Victory. Entries came from coast-to-coast, including everything from a kindergarten teacher. to former Notre Dame offensive lineman (and current ESPN broadcaster) Mike Golic, Jr.

Some folks were ready with their own catch phrase. Others, already making demands like @ChipFerran; who said he'd need, "a bag or a box of popcorn and a 16 ounce Coke or Pepsi," before every game.

Some of the entries were clearly tongue in cheek. But most responses seemed to be earnest applications from passionate college football fans.

"When you think of college football, nothing evokes as much emotion as the University of Notre Dame," @MikeAFalvo said in their video submission.

“Nobody has more of a passion for Notre Dame football than I do," @LorangerHank said.

"All I do is preach Notre Dame football to people that I don’t know, my best friends, my family," @Bobby_Lou1014 said.

Notre Dame is searching for a new voice of the fans. What it’s found, is how much that  voice means to the fans.

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