Stephenson's celebrates 90 years in Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind -- Stephenson's in Elkhart is celebrating its 90th anniversary. It opened in 1931.

Throughout the celebration of the anniversary so many people have chosen to celebrate by spending their money in what they describe as the best customer service around.

“The main reason why I come here is because of their customer service. There is not a time that they let me walk throughout the store without asking me if I need some assistance,” said customer Karen Cross.

The Michiana community came in and took full advantage of not only the customer service but the anniversary sale.

“Well I’m really excited about the 90th anniversary because usually when Stephenson’s has an anniversary, they have awesome sales and so that’s what always brings me in and today was a fantastic sale. This is one of the jackets that I bought today. I bought a lot of clothes actually too many today,” said Cross.

After 90 years of serving the Michiana community, Stephenson’s has reached not only a store milestone, but a family milestone.

“90 years is a long time. We’re into the third generation of my family now in this business,” said store manager Danny Reynolds.

Danny joined the business 30 years ago when his father ran the business and on Saturday, one customer stopped by to create the same history she made 30 years ago.

“I bought my dress here, my first one, 30 years ago and it was a nice experience then but they were in the upstairs back then and we’re here today to purchase my daughter’s wedding dress,” said customer Stephanie Clark.

Danny says that makes two of maybe 200 people this week to have that experience, saying customers are more like family.

“It’s been almost like a big family reunion for the last three days,” said Reynolds.

Danny says his daughter has now recently joined the business and he is looking forward to seeing her carry on the family tradition for years to come, hoping she helps Stephenson’s make it to the century mark just 10 years from now.

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