Development is key aspect of city growth, Mayor Mueller delivers 2024 State of the City address

NOW: Development is key aspect of city growth, Mayor Mueller delivers 2024 State of the City address

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Mayor James Mueller delivered the annual State of the City address, emphasizing growth and progress in multiple areas.

Crime was down 9% and shooting victims were down 33% last year compared to 2022, and the mayor says the opening of the 24/7 Behavioral Crisis Center several weeks ago has already proved to be a valuable resource for those in a mental health crisis. 

However, a main highlight of the city's improvement is development. 

"With all the pieces coming together, our comeback story continues with South Bend squarely back on the map," said Mayor Mueller in his speech.

The City of South Bend proves to continue growing, with a population that has risen more in the first two years of this decade than in the previous decade altogether. 

"South Bend's on a roll and you're seeing the impacts of that," Mayor Mueller says. "You're seeing all of the great projects that are coming our way as opposed to other places around the country." 

As South Bend becomes a more attractive city for developers, residents, especially recently, are seeing what kind of opportunities can come with that. 

Just last month, the city announced what will potentially be the largest redevelopment project in its history, the $330 million Madison Lifestyle District that will completely reshape downtown South Bend. 

"The Madison Lifestyle District is transformational," explains Mayor Mueller. "It's a major development in terms of people in those blocks but think about the transformation between an empty parking lot to full of life with commerce and residents." 

Plus, this past week the common council approved funding for transformational improvements to two downtown highlights; Four Winds Field and the Morris Performing Arts Center. 

Even outside city limits, the mayor expressed his support for the record-breaking investments to the west of South Bend in St. Joseph County's Indiana Enterprise Center. 

Namely, the potential $11 billion project under consideration, which Mayor Mueller says will be a "game changer" for the local economy. 

"It is going to shift activity, people, and dollars to places that haven't seen them in a very long time," says Mayor Mueller.

Reiterating, these partnerships with developers and stakeholders are what's fueling the city's resurgence and making South Bend a better place to live. 

"Let's continue down this path together and transform South Bend into a home of opportunity where everyone can thrive," Mayor Mueller added in his speech.

He closed out his address by highlighting the importance of the next election, encouraging folks in South Bend to vote and make their voices heard. 

You can find the mayor's entire State of the City address over on the City of South Bend's website.

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