Day three of Elkhart hearing against detective

NOW: Day three of Elkhart hearing against detective

ELKHART, Ind.- Today was the third and final day of a disciplinary hearing for detective Joy Phillips, who faces a number of allegations and possible termination but claims it’s retaliation.      

Phillips claims she became the focus of targeted harassment. While the city and Elkhart Police Department says she has ruined her credibility as a sworn officer.  

"And the suggestion that this was all done because Detective Phillips wanted to protect the city? That’s a joke. Because everything Detective Phillips has done in these proceedings the last three days is attempt to set the city on fire,” City Attorney Rose Rivera said.   

The city of Elkhart played body camera footage Friday of the moment Detective Joy Phillips was put on administrative leave in November.  

Superiors detained her upwards of a half hour, demanding she hand over her personal recording device. Phillips regularly recorded conversations with colleagues at the department.  

Phillips claims that followed a series of complaints from superiors, which were retaliation for refusing to sign an affidavit for a search warrant she believed was unconstitutional.     

Phillips attorney, Jeff McQuary hopes the Merit Commision recognizes everything Phillips did was in good faith.    

“These charges have taken a terrible toll on Joy. It has been devasting. In addition to being deprived of a job that she loves and is very good at, it's been a huge stress on her and her family. She says her personality has changed,” McQuary said.   

The Police Merit Commision will have an executive session on Monday, August 21 to discuss the possible termination.    

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