Clean up initiative at Portage Manor Woods

NOW: Clean up initiative at Portage Manor Woods

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - The City of South Bend aims to clean up Portage Manor Woods, for the fourth time, to help eliminate trespassing and dumping in South Bend. 

The once natural beauty of the woods takes a hit as it's become a spot for unauthorized trash disposal and debris. 

A community clean up took place on Friday, September 1 at 10:00 a.m. with volunteers helping to maintain the natural integrity of the woods.

2nd St. Joseph County Commissioner Derek Dieter hopes that after the fourth clean up and over 500 bags of trash, this will be the last community clean up needed. 

Dieter credits the citizens of the community who are always quick to step up and help clean up trash in the area.  

Warning signs reading "No Trespassing on Government Property" were put up, trail cameras and legal matters instilled. 

"So, if you're in the woods, to Angel County, prosecutors will charge you the South Bend Police who have working security or find you in the woods, you will go to jail, you'd be prosecuted for trespassing. And that's just not on the woods. That's all the portage Manor property," said Dieter. 

The City is also surveying the land, including inventorying the building, but each time, they need to organize a cleanup, it takes time and efforts away from furthering the project. 

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